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Acceptable Use Agreement

Acceptable Use Agreement  for Technology 

(Grades 3-5) 

As part of my schoolwork, my school gives me the use of computers and storage space on the server for my work.  My behavior and language should follow the same rules I follow in my class and in my school.  To help myself and others, I agree to the following promises: 

  1. I will use the computers only to do school work, as explained to me by my teacher and not for any other reason.  I will not use a school computer for personal or illegal purposes. 

  1. I will use the Internet only in ways the teacher has approved. 

  1. I will not give my password to anyone else, and I will not ask for anyone’s password.  If I should know someone’s password I will not use it to impersonate them or gain access to their accounts. 

  1. I will not put my address, telephone number or any other personal information about myself or anyone else on the computer. 

  1. I will not upload, link or embed an image of myself or others to non-secured public sites. 

  1. I will not use games or other electronic resources that have objectionable content or that engage me in an inappropriate simulated activity. 

  1. I will be polite and considerate when I use the computer.  I will not use it to annoy, be mean to, frighten, tease or poke fun at anyone.  I will not use swear words or other rude language. 

  1. I will not use the computer to bully or threaten anyone, including teachers, school mates or other children. 

  1. I will not try to see, send/share or upload anything that says and or shows bad or mean things about anyone’s race, religion or gender. 

  1. I will not damage the computer or anyone else’s work. 

  1. I will not break copyright rules or take credit for anyone else’s work. 

  1. If I have or see a problem I will tell the teacheror a trusted adult.   

  1. I will not block or interfere with school or school system communications. 

  1. My computer use is not private, my teacher may look at my work to be sure that I am following these rules.  If I am not there will be consequences which may include not being able to use the computer. 

  1. I know that the conduct that is forbidden in school is also forbidden when I use the computers outside of school if it interferes with other student’s education.  If I break the rules there will be consequences in school.